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All in a day's work

People often ask how many jobs we do in a typical week and which destinations are most common. There is no straightforward answer because each day is different. Recently, we had two trips to the Nap Surgery, a trip to a dentist in Bovingdon and another to an optician in Hemel. This is in addition to regular shopping trips, and long standing trips to Mount Vernon for a programme of Chemotherapy. Add to this requests to visiting and simple DIY tasks and you can see why we are always on the look out for new volunteers.

Our team win’s first prize at the village quiz

A team of Good Neighbours volunteers won first place at the Christian Aid Village Quiz held at the Services Club on Friday 3rd February. Thirteen teams drawn from village organisatioins competed over 8 rounds plus 2 marathon rounds, the last of which pushed our team into the lead at the last moment.

Not all our drives are “one-off”

"I have not forgotten your kindness in taking me to Mount Vernon for cancer treatment. I think the pandemic has taught us all how much we need good neighbours." (A client)

Sometimes a client is asked to attend hospital for a series of appointments. Physiotherapy, dialysis and chemotherapy are typical examples of treatments requiring a sequence of appointments . We usually set up a rota but this requires a large pool of volunteer drivers, so we are always keen to recruit more. Rotas allow volunteers to choose the most convenient date and time for them.



Recently, a client needed to visit Mount Vernon Hospital for cancer treatment every weekday for two months. That would have taken all our resources but we were able to agThank youree a plan in which we covered three days a week, while the client used buses on the other two days. It was a great help when Ariva started their 508 bus service, which goes all the way to Mount Vernon Hospital.

Another client needed regular three hour dialysis at St Albans Hospital. Hospital transport would have covered this, but because there are many patients to collect from a wide area, it can mean being ready by 7am and not returning home until the early evening. In this case we were able to cover the important outward journey, leaving the client to make his own way home by public transport.

Day centres are a boon for someone caring for a partner with dementia. Once a week we took a couple to a day centre in Hemel Hempstead where the carer spent much needed free time in retail therapy, a cafe or hair salon before they both returned home by bus.

With us, volunteer drivers only take consignments which fit their personal preferences and availability. A realistic milage allowance means they are never out of pocket.

Another successful year was recorded at Good Neighbours AGM .

Another successful year was recorded at Good Neighbours AGM on Friday 18 November.
Volunteers and associate members filled the small hall at the Community Centre yesterday to hear reports of an association getting back to full strength after the pandemic.
Driving clients to hospital appointments was now a major activity with the 'carnage' at Watford General Hospital proving a challenge for our volunteer drivers.
The Lunch Club is slowly returning to the original capacity but there is still room for new members.
Our Gardening/DIY service is in demand again, under its new organiser, Nick Clarke.
Numbers of volunteers, particularly for drivers and the Helpline, are still below average and a publicity drive is in progress.
If you are interested in volunteering or need our help leave us a direct message or call us on 07790 668672


Lunch Club returnsLunch Club gradually returns to full strength.

Our Lunch Club has been running each week since February with slowly increasing numbers. We still room for more - if you are interested leave a message on our Lunch Club line (07527 907128)

(Photo - one of our volunteers chatting to Lunch Club members)

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"After two months of occasionally squeezing senior citizens into my Mini ...... I can safely say that I have found a mother lode of human accomplishment, not to mention decency and good humour."

By Charles Raines

I recently moved to Kings Langley to start a new job and a new life (no, this isn't a Bridget Jones novel). Partial to a broody nighttime stroll, I got to know the village by walking around. One evening I came across a flyer on the village bulletin board, asking for volunteer drivers for Kings Langley Good Neighbours. I thought, I have four wheels and a hole in my soul that needs filling. What have I got to lose? Filled with vim and vigour from the 'Uncle Sam'-esque poster, I gave them a call. Introductions with the lovely committee members, and a short vetting process, followed. I was then armed with a shiny volunteer card and ready to start. Charles Raines


After two months of occasionally squeezing senior citizens into my Mini - think human Tetris meets Twister - and taking them to, usually, the hospital or the doctor, I can safely say that I have found a mother lode of human accomplishment, not to mention decency and good humour. Many of them have lived in Kings Langley for 50 years. The conversations vary from the true originator of the works of Shakespeare (hint: Sir Francis Bacon), to the chewiest chocolate chip cookie recipe (the key is cornstarch, melted butter and brown sugar). The consistent theme with everyone is they are an absolute pleasure to talk to and genuinely grateful for the service.

" .... find some fulfilment and satisfaction in helping make someone's life run a little smoother and easier."

My job involves an unusual shift pattern which means my availability varies, but flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to Good Neighbours. There is no expectation or undue pressure; you simply do the drives you can. It can fit around anyone's schedule. You receive a text, you respond to a text. It's that simple.

For a very small amount of time out your day, you can take some of the stress out of someone's hospital visit (which can be stressful enough), and find some fulfilment and satisfaction in helping make someone's life run a little smoother and easier.

The good people I have driven in my spare time have enriched my life and made me feel a part of the village. Just give Kings Langley Good Neighbours a call. You’ll be glad you did."